Saying Goodbye to Bozeman

The surroundings, the clothes, the dwelling, the social status, the circumstances to me are utterly indifferent. Let the floor of the room be bare, let the furniture be a plank table, the bed a mere pallet. Let the house be plain and simple, but in the midst of air and light. These are enough- a cave would be enough; in a warmer climate the open air would suffice. Let me be furnished in myself with health, safety, strength, the perfection of physical existence. Let me be in myself fully. The pageantry of power, the still more foolish pageantry of wealth, the senseless precedence of place; words fail me to express my utter contempt for such pleasure of such ambitions… I want to be always in company with earth, sun, sea and stars by night. These are my natural companions. My heart looks back and sympathies with all the joy and life of ancient time. ~ Richard, Jefferies 1883


Thanks to my many friends around Three Forks, the Montana journey started in Gallatin County. Here I have been able to safely branch out and explore. I kept heading North and west until I reached Eureka Montana. After Eureka I followed lake Koocanusa to the forest that adjoins the Yaak. In the Kootenai forest I found a little 1,000 square foot cabin to call home.










3 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Bozeman

  1. What a great journey! Have been to Bozeman and the Gallatin area, but you are pressing much further. So envious! Think I will live vicariously for awhile. Oh, and I am a good friend of Paula’s and know your Dad, so have followed your progress for some time now πŸ™‚

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